Still Photo

A photo means much more than what you said.

All houss pixel photos are created by our talent and experienced photographer. Every photo provided to you is retouched and color corrected. The end result is the most beautiful and attractive pictures of the property on the Internet.

$85.00Package A
20 still photo + web link
$99.00Package B
30 still photo + web link
$125.00Package C
40 still photo + HD video slideshow + web link

Additional still photo
HDR photo

Motion Video - Standard & Aerial Version

Video Tour brings more quality buyers' attention.

A high-quality motion video provided buyer a more real way to see the whole property. It shows the property’s from the outside to the inside to everyone in the elegant background music without personally being there.

Aerial View is from the top of the sky to capture the entire property and its surroundings. The high-end equipment ensures the results fascinating.

$169.00Standard Package
20 pics + 60 Sec MV
$295.00Premium Package
30 pics + 120 Sec MV
$340.00Plus Package
40 pics + 180 Sec MV
$420.00Advance Package
40 pics + 240 Sec MV

Note:Aerial photo & video are available by special order only.

Photo galleries, 360-degree panoramas, and fly-through videos lack the perspective and feel that home buyers and sellers crave. A 3D Showcase creates an emotional connection with the home.

  • $200.00< 2000 sqft
  • $250.002100 ~ 3000 sqft
  • $350.003100 ~ 4000 sqft
  • $0.09/sqft> 4000 sqft

3D MAX Virtual Tour

Floor Plan

Floor Plan is a “Map”. It helps buyer to visualize the home and imagine their future life within it. At houss pixel, all floor plan are high-resolution images. It can be used on website, printed brochures or download high-rise files.

2D floor plan can be added for $50 with above 3D MAX Virtual Tour plans.

» All in ONE «

30 Still Photos + 180s Motion Video + 3D Dollhouse (under 4000's & over 4000's, $0.09/sqf)


Other Charges

17x11 4-Page Feature Sheet - 50 Units

A delicate feature sheet helps buyer keep the property in mind. houss pixel has plenty of 2-sided, 4-sided and 8-sided feature sheet templates with different kind of paper to meet all your need.

  • $109.99 100 Gloss paper
  • $119.99 10 PT paper
  • $139.99 14 PT paper

8.5x11 2 Sided Brochure - 50 Units

  • $75.00 100 Gloss paper
  • $89.99 10 PT paper
  • $99.99 14 PT paper


  • $2.00 Each additional still photo
  • $20.00 Slideshow Video Production
  • $6.00 Each HDR Photo
  • $20.00 Weekend service

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